fikir-fikirkan lah

"Don't make promise when you are in JOY,
Don't reply when you are SAD,
Don't take decision when you are ANGRY,"

Think twice, Act wise...

.:Lagu2 hati:.

Saturday, November 14, 2009

I am sorry~

today I got some lesson in my life..

please look into the person who is talking to you..
but, I still think that i can't do it..
I can't look into the person eyes especially if I didn't close with them and especially if they are WOMEN..
Maybe ade certain person yg rasa tersinggung ble ak wat cmtu..
tp percayala ak x berniat nak wt cmtu..
tp ble awak tgur dgn cara sarcastic td ak btol2 terasa..
tp that was me..
take it or leave it..
and i don't think that I was rude because i heard what you are saying..
but I am still sorry if I hurt your feeling..
I am very2 sorry..