fikir-fikirkan lah

"Don't make promise when you are in JOY,
Don't reply when you are SAD,
Don't take decision when you are ANGRY,"

Think twice, Act wise...

.:Lagu2 hati:.

Saturday, June 12, 2010



setelah lama berehat dari dunia blogging ni, akhirnya dpt gak log in n tulis sket.
ok la, for everyone yg mengenali diri ini, I just wanna tell u that I am now at Malaysia.
cuti summer, so balik la utk replenish my energy n motivation.
arini nak cite sket pengalaman ngan org melayu kat ebay baru2 ni.
for your information I am malay too, okay?
ok la, baru2 ni I had bought a mobile phone from ebay malaysia. ( I always brought from ebay at USA).
with thought that I never be cheated by ebay, I have a slightly confident to buy from ebay malaysia.
so, I search through the ebay and found the phone that I wanna buy.
but, the seller told me to deposit the money to his account bank in Am Bank.
I, with out slightly realize the weirdness way to pay, just go to the bank to deposit.
n then I wait for the 'thing' to arrive at my home.
but, to my surprise (dah agak dah pun), when I search his name in google, I found the name as THE CHEATER in ebay.
many had been cheated n some of them already file a report to the police.
hahahaha..padan muka ko irshaad.
blaja jauh2, last2 kena tipu ngan org melayu bongok ni..(the seller is a malay or so I though he would be).
so, as the impact/lesson of what happen, I would NEVER do a business with MALAY, unless I KNOW HIM/HER very well!!
@#$%^&^&..bengang gak la, melayang gaji ak keje kat uni aritu.
penat2 ak keje, dye senang2 curi.
so the lessons that i got from this S*** experience is

1) don't, by any means believe in any news u heard until u see with your own eyes
2) Don;t use ebay Malaysia, seller sume xde paypal n xley caye. beli kat kedai lg berbaloi.
3) don't do any transaction unless u know very well the people that u doing the business with.
4) cheap things are not good n good things are not cheap.
5) don't make a business with malay. ( It's a bit harsh, but I am really p**s off right now)

owh ya, one more lesson that I wanna to share with u

"If The Things/news is too good to be true,don't falter for it because it is"
makna dalam melayu: jika sesuatu itu terlalu bagus untuk dipercayai, jangan percaya sbb itu bukan betul.

if ade masa lg, ak akan tulis lg insyallah.
jya matane, gudbye.