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"Don't make promise when you are in JOY,
Don't reply when you are SAD,
Don't take decision when you are ANGRY,"

Think twice, Act wise...

.:Lagu2 hati:.

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Good bye~

sometimes love can rip apart frenship...
that what I felt now..
after that incident, I can't really be a friend with u anymore..
coz i realize how different u treat me before and after the accident..
before the incident, U are my Best fren and we talk a lot and care each other..
but after the incident, we are not bes fren anymore..
u can't see my face and I also can't see ur face..
if we see each other now, we would remember the incident and start to hate each other again..
I really hope that u accept my apologies and take me as ur bes fren again..
but I know, it just a dream that would never come true..
sometimes I felt that u also tell ur other fren about me and tell them to hate me..
thats why, when I lost u as my fren, I also lost other fren that on ur side..
so, after this, I would try to forget about u from my memory..i hope so..
I am sorry for being mean to u..
I hope u also could forget about me..
I hope u could found the person that could take care of u..
thanks 4 everything..
but I want u to know that I really hepi on those day with u..
goodbye my bes fren..

4 yg prihatin:

amza08 said...

sape 2???
erin ka???

eshad phantom said...

erin xde kena mengena r..

Anonymous said...

da 2 sape??

eshad phantom said...

ko bkan kenal pun luqman...